Monday, 28 February 2011

Analysis of title sequence; Se7en

From all of the opening sequences that I have watched so far, this one has been my favourite. I think the attention to detail is done very well. They have used man close up and extreme close ups to emphasis the psychotic behaviour of the character and to show the audience exactly what they want them to see. The flickering lights and transitions work really well because it gives the film an intriguing sense and makes the audience wonder why the character is doing what they are doing in such poorly lit conditions. The sharo transitions make the audience feel the secretiveness of the characters doings.

The editing is very good, and I hope that my group will be able to edit our film similar to this. We were also inspired by the fact that the whole thing is filmed using close up and extreme close up shots, and we hope to use those shots, not the whole way throughout, but for one of the ending sections.

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