Monday, 28 February 2011

Introduction to Cameras; Parts and Accesories

When using Camera;
- make sure lens cover is closed when not using camera
- make sure you're holding the camera securely (with both hands) when not in use
- check battery life before taking out to film
- Before using the camera make sure you have the right memory cards for your group and your camera.

Ensure you have all the equipment and parts needed for your camera before you start filming. For example;
- Battery Pack
Make sure it's fully charged or you have at least 2 hours battery life before recording.
- Memory Cards

- Tripod

- Camera lights, stand & dimmer (if needed)

Always make sure that you're equipment is packed away safely and securely before moving to another location. Also always make sure that all your equipment is there.

Camera carrier/bag

Tripod carrier/bag

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