Monday, 28 February 2011


During my lesson we were shown an advert for Lurpak butter which included some very intricate and detailed editing. The editing and close up shots in this made me watch very closely and made me feel inspired by the theme. These shots caused the audience to pay lots of attention to the different sections of the advert. The music also made the short trailer very interesting as it made it more tense and the viewer would watch as that type of music is used for more thrilling films. My favourite part of this scene is when the fire is coming through the gas pipe and the butter is dropping from the knife at the same time; using match cut.  The trailer, on a whole was very well edited, very well filmed and also very well filmed as it still made the product be seen whilst entertaining the audience, and I hope that my group will be able to produce a piece of work with as much detailed editing and camera work as this.

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