Sunday, 13 February 2011

Font Analysis

Fonts are a very important part of the PDE involved with a Film, Fonts create a Identity in which consumers reconise the movie by, this could be on Posters, Billboards, Trailers, Teasers or on Websites, because of this choosing a font / designing a logo can be very important in the marketing of a film.

Types Of Font

Serif Fonts - Serif fonts are the fonts with details at the end of each 'stroke' for example:

Apple Garmond is a typical example of a serif font (resembling the famous 'Times New Roman', the default font in most word processors) another example is:

Sanford another typical serif font.

Serif fonts can and usually connotate seriousness, or maturity, reality and fact, they are used in Broadsheet newspapers, (as well as tabloids but that is for the beleif and stufy that sans serif fonts can be harder to read) important adverts and in the news. they are also used commonly in Thriller films because of their seriousness, as well as horror films.

Sans Serif Fonts - Sans Serif fonts are fonts without the 'serif' at the end of each stroke, 'sans' coming from french for 'Without' so 'Without Serif Fonts'


Arial is the most well known and reconisable Sans Serif font.

Gill sans is another well reconised and used font.

Sans serif fonts are also used all around the world in many types of media, such as Magazine logos, Adverts, and on television as well as obviously in films and film logos. Sans Serif fonts connotate a less serious nature compared to serif fonts, they also can seem more up to date and more modern or futuristic, they are commonly used in animations, Sci-Fi films, Family Films, and thrillers set in the modern world or based on realism.

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