Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation, Media Institutions

'Missed' Coming To A Screen Near You

Being as my thriller had a low budget the use of CandiStudies still allowed us to produce something using the facilities we had to there best.
I feel if we were to produce a whole movie it would be an independent release as we couldn't afford to have a mainstream as we couldn't compare with films which were directed by someone like 'Tim Burton' so a showing an Vue, Odeon or Cineworld is totally out of the question.
An independent cinema would be just what we need to help get us a cinematic release !

 The Prince Charles cinema located in Leicester Square could be the place where we would get our big break. Though its not well none and slightly hidden off the main part of Leicester Square, it was one the West-Ends last remaining independent cinemas, there is still hope !

To help promote the screening of our thriller or to allow people to view it, i would suggest the best way to get the information out is by social networking.

Blogger,Vimeo and youtube would allow me to upload my thriller opening of people to comment on. Giving us good and bad opinions of our work as well as ways to improve it.

Facebook would allow all of my friends to be able to comment quickly and get feedback from people i trust.
 I will try this one.

MEMORIES - Award winning short student film
(Uploaded by RadekBNU)

Here is another media students work that was uploaded to youtube. It had a lot of views from which many people gave it the thumbs up.
 This allowed them to gain an honest feedback from a wide range of people of how good or bad their film was as well as tips which could make it better.

 Being as this short film had a low budget using youtube to publicise it was really affective since it didnt cost them anyting to it on to youtube, yet it allowed thousands to be able to view it.

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