Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Evaluation - Q6, Audience feedback (part 2)

Yesterday, we went to the cinema near our college called 'The Screen on the Green' and we viewed all of the thriller openings that were made.

This was a good opportunity for us to see our project on the big screen and for us to get feedback about our thriller from the rest of the media department. The films of the feedback from the cinema are on the other blog of evaluation question 6, which I have been tagged to along with other members of my group.

The visit to the cinema was very good and many of the thriller openings were of a very high standard didn't come to much of a surprise because there are many talented people in our media department. Some of these thrillers were even good enough to be on the big screen and used in real films. I am proud of what my AS year and especially my group have produced this year :)

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