Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation - Q3, Audience

Our audience would include someone like James.

James, aged 20, is a single man, who has just found himself a full time job in Selfridges. As he is still young, he enjoys partying and socialising and is very fond of going to the cineman with friends. As he is a Orange customer, he has the advantage of getting one free ticket to the cinema from Orange Wednesdays, which he uses to his full advantage.
He enjoys films that have a suspenseful and thrilling edge, which is why I believe our film would be a good film for him to watch.

James emptied his "man-bag" to find -

There wasn't much in his bag but remember, he is still young!
This film would be good for him because he is young and this film will make him thing and would be good for him as he enjoys thrillers films.

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