Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation - Q4/5, Media institution (distribution). Attracting/addressing your audience.


If our film was to be played on the big screen, it would be played in an independent movie theatre, like The Screen on the Green or another one in Leicester Square, which is the Prince Charles cinema. As we were producing a low-budget, amateur film we had to do the best with the facilities that we have been given.
If we were to make a whole film, I believe that it would be made into an independent release as it doesn't really have the budgeting and the level of acting that a big budget, HollyWood film would have. 

The independent movie theatre in Leicester Square

This could be the place where our film could be shown to get it seen by many people and give us our big break. This is a small movie theatre that would gain a small audience but as people speak about it the audience may grow along with the amount of feedback and good or bad reviews.

Facebook could be used to get more views and feedback on our thriller film for improvements and also for our thriller to be seen and maybe recommended to others. It will also be the quickest and easiest way to gain feedback

Blogger, Vimeo and YouTube are used to upload our video onto to get it seen publicly.

I have searched for other short films/openings by other students and this one came up.
TWISTED - A short student film
(Uploaded by MythicomOnline)

By uploading this to youtube they were able to get reviews from the public by comments; 

and also by likes and dislikes;

The comments and the likes/dislikes provided the group of people with positive and negative feedback but also with constructive criticism. 

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