Saturday, 15 January 2011


Movie Genre: Mystery,Thriller
 Memento is a complicated head spinning adventure. Leonard is determined to avenge his wife's murder. However, unable to remember anything that happens day-to-day due to a condition he sustained, short term memory loss, he has to write himself note after note that still don't mean anything after he falls asleep.The film goes back in time to reveal each little bit of the puzzle as he tries to find out the person who killed his wife and makes the audience feel just as confused as he is.
 The name of the film is then presented and soon overlaps a Point of view shot of a photograph being held in a person’s hand The photograph consists of a dead person lying on the ground with blood spilt all over the walls This instantly introduces the conventional thriller concept of death/murder in our minds in addition to other themes such as mystery, violence
The Titles and subtiles appear as if its fading away as it links with the music.
The musical sound at the begining of memento is very gentle and sounds quite sad.

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