Monday, 31 January 2011


In films you will see different types of fonts, shapes and size, in the title which could give you an insight into the film or in some cases be the actual opposite.

There are two types of Serif fonts such as Times New Roman and  Courier.
Serif fonts are normally used in traditional films and are seen as formal. The other type of font is Sans serif fonts for example Arial and Comic sans. These fonts are used more in modern films such as 'Simpsons Movie' as they are seen as more welcoming to a younger and more modern audience.

In the 1976 version of Rocky (and most of the other versions as well), the font Franklin Gothic Heavy, and this was used to highlight the masculinity of the film and the main character. The reason this would show masculinity is because the letters are big, bold, strong and quite plain, just like the stereotypical "macho man" that the audience would be expecting. It may have also been chosen because the bold letters are eye-catching, but it doesn't give the audience much insight to what the film will be about so this may encourage them to go and watch the film.

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