Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Suspense in the Stepfather

Suspense is created throughout the film 'The Stepfather' to keep the audience on their feet and makes them want to continue watching as they will want to know what will happen next.

During the opening scene normality is established as the main character David gets ready for his day like an average man would. he showers, shaves, makes breakfast and turns on the radio. yet, this becomes subverted as we start to wonder why he was dying his hair and changing the colour of his contact lenses which completely changed his identity. As David carries out his morning we then notice the bodies of what seems to be his family: 2 children and his wife. 

A bomb theory is used twice in this movie when David, the killer and main character meets the woman he will eventually kill in the shop. This becomes a bomb theory because we as the audience already know he is a serial killer and cant do anything to help as the women doesn't know his true identity.

A false platto is used when a cat jumps out on the old lady. This increases the audiences heart rate as we already think she is about to get killed, yet we are relieved that it isn't the killer.

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