Monday, 17 January 2011

Thrillers - The different sub-genres

Sub-genres are different categeories of films within a particular genre. There are many different sub-genres in the thriller category, and some are;
Action Thriller 
Suspense Thriller
Erotic Thriller
Mystery Thriller
Political Thriller
Conspiracy Thriller
Mystery Thriller
Psychological Thriller
Religious Thriller
Legal Thriller
Romance Thriller

My favourite sub genres are action, mystery and psychological. I prefer these because they draw my attention to them especially as the plot may be revealed to the audience and I will want to see what is revealed from the characters. My favourite mystery thriller is 'Phone Booth' (2002).

Phone Booth is about a man who is held hostage in a telephone booth by a sniper. It is directed by Joel Schumacher. After work, the main character Stu (Colin Farrell) phones his girlfriend and rudely dismisses a pizza delivery man. After this, the phone rings and he answers, this is where the films begins to create suspense. place.

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