Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Skills Audit

While editing the bag swap skit, i I learned skills using three programs, Final Cut Pro - a industry standard video editor made by Apple. Soundtrack pro - the equivalent program for sound and soundtracks and LiveType - a suite for making high versatile titles.

 The opening screen of soundtrack pro, showing a new empty project

 Screenshot showing the making of the titles for the clip

 The inspector in livetype

 Effects in LiveType

 Sound Clip and Loop libary in soundtrack

 Final Cut 

 Clip Sequencer in Final Cut

All the shots imported from the camera into final cut.

After this exersisee i now feel ready and competent in editing clips and peicing shots together as well as constructing and importing sound to match the clips as well as producing and incoporating titles into any projects. Learning this skills has also put some new ideas for the main thriller project into my head.

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