Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Skills Audit

Whilst editing The Bag Swap i learned how to use three important programmes

Final Cut Pro - a professional non-linear editing software application developed by Apple Inc

Livetype - a software program developed by Apple which can be used to create animated title sequences for video projects.
 Sound Track Pro -  a music composing and audio editing application with over 5000 royalty free professional instrument loops and sound effects created by Apple Inc

At first i found it quite hard to import all the clips into Final Cut Pro and edit as well as make the titles on Live Type butwith abit of practise i become a 'Professional'. I still havnt got the hang of using Sound Track Pro but by the time we are ready to film and edit our thriller opening sequence i should have mastered it

This is all the clips which have been imported into Final Cut Pro

Clip Sequencer in Final Cut Pro
Final Cut pro as we edit the scenes. It allows you to see the import videos as well as a screen to watch the work you have already edited

 The inspector in livetype which allows you to change the font and colour of the title and add an effect

This shows the making of the titles for the bag swap using Live Type

Heres the bar showing the effects which were added to the titles in Live Type
This is the opening screen of soundtrack pro

This screen grab shows the Sound Clip and Loop libary in soundtrack



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