Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Thriller Audiences

By looking at some data from UK Cinema in 2009 i hope to gain a better understanding of the relative audience for thriller films.

Only 31 suspense / thriller films were realeased in 2009 compared to 503 total films. out of these 503 52% of these were either Action, Animation and Comedy films, this is because all three of these genres have a much larger appeal and target audience especially to younger people, for example toy story 3 : the age demographic will cover all age ranges, hence the massive share in the box office.

Thrillers however only have 4% in 2009 of box office taking generally because firstly alot less thriller films are made because its more of a risk in terms of capital and return compared to the action animation and comedy genres mentioned above. and secondly because it could be said they require more effort to produce - when unfortunatley a large part of the film industry is focuses on business and profitability.

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