Monday, 17 January 2011


Intertextuality is the visual referencing between films; having aspects of one film incorporated into another film. This could be "borrowed" camera angles, sound effects, methods of editing and editing skills, and certain aspects of mise en scene that you have seen in other films of the same genre or maybe something completely different.

For example, in the well known thriller 'Psycho' (1960) there are many different things that we see in the shower scene that are also seen in the climatic scene where 'The Stepfather'. The mise en scene of the bathroom in both of the scenes, which consists of the white shower curtains and white bath tubs, and the camera angle from above the shower head and also the characters pulling down the shower curtains as they fall, show intertextuality.

Many other films have "borrowed" aspects of the film, such as:

What Lies Beneath:
- White curtains, white bath. (mise en scene)
- High angle shot above shower (camera)
- The continuous running water (sound)

Fatal Attraction:

- Looming murderer
- White bathroom, white tiles
- stabbing; high raised arm, big knife

The Stepfather:
- Pulling down the shower curtain in the bathroom
- The same "wrapped in shower curtain" scene

Succubus (Student Thriller):
- showerhead shot
- running water sound
- point of view shots being viewed

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