Monday, 17 January 2011

Thriller Sub Genres

When asked to think about thriller sub-genres four particular ones come to mind;

Political Thriller
Such as Enemy of the state, Being interested in politics give me a instant appeal to thrillers based around a country and or their government, with storylines usually showing elements of anarchy or government corruption with a single character usually having to 'save the day' political thrillers also appeal to me.

Supernatural Thriller
Such as Paranormal Activity, Thrillers that involve out of world or elements that are not true to reality usually interest me alot as they have a large appeal due to their ability to show things and base a story around somthing that isant possible, i also have always enjoyed sci-fi films so this sub-genre sometimes combines elements of sci-fi with thrillersw

Action Thriller
Such as Deja-vu, these are the sort of generic one man hero based films in which it is usually a male character going up against seemingly impossible odds or tasks to achieve a end goal and 'save the day' this type of thriller does not really interest me as they are usually quite simple and not as interesting to me as any of the other sub-genres of thriller.

Psychological Thriller
Such as Inception, This is my favorite type of thriller film, and the type that is currently inspiring me the most for the task of creating a 2 miniute thriller intro. Psychological thrillers are about provoking thought in the viewer and keeping the viewer heavily engaged un the film and paying attention, I would like to base my thriller intro around the theme of psychology as thinking of ideas to engage the viewer and give the sense of 'wanting to watch the film again to understand' appeals to me greatly and the feeling left after seeing such a film is somthing i enjoy

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