Saturday, 5 March 2011

About the Pitch

We had to make a pitch showing what our thriller was going to be about and present it to the teachers and class to give them a rough idea. We explained what thriller genre we will do and why which is now Phychological but before it was suppose to be like a sci-fi with toys dissapperaing and stuff moving on its own but we were corrected with the genre as we changed the pitch . We didnt want to do the obvious "horror". Also talked about loaction settings, props,camera,mise-en-scene and sound e.t.c.
We did this to show people different ideas and compared it to other students.
The teachers main concerns was safey because we wanted to include children as it could be highly risky.

We decided to change up our story line towards the end from a man being obsessed with children wanting to take them away aswell as toys to a man with mental health problems becoming more extreme because of his tragic family accident, he then wants to go and start kidnapping families.

Hope to be filming soon and it goes well .

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