Monday, 21 March 2011

Sounds for opening

As our film is a psychological thriller, I researched other openings which are of a smiliar genre to ours to get inspiration for our soundtrack.

The first opening I found was the opening for the film Se7en. This soundtrack works well for the opening of the film. In our soundtrack we are also looking to use certain sounds, like the scraping noises and the noises that sound like creaking doors; eery noises. This is to show the characters mental state.


A soundtrack which starts of quite similar to ours, with the slow piano rifts and other instruments coming in, is the soundtrack for Black Swan. Although it sounds a bit more upbeat and has a faster tempo to ours I think that it has the same effect as the sound has no vocals and most of ours has no vocals, which means that the actual opening gets more attention than the song in the background.

These opening soundtracks helped us to get a sense of what a soundtrack for a psychological thriller should include, but it also depends on what the plot of your opening is.

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