Thursday, 24 March 2011

Falling behind! "Frustrated"

As our filming schedule was not accurate at times it resulted us as fallen behind. We wanted to film a little part today which was suppose to last for about 6 seconds but we could not get the camera out anymore as the due date is this friday (25th)-deadline. This has giving us a hard time which is making our group frustrated to edited as we needed a particular clip so we are trying us best to overcome that by extending the clips. So i have now realised that we all have to learn from our mistakes at some point. We are using Final Cut Pro, LiveType and Sound Track Pro to put this together.
So we are hopefully going to be done by 3pm tommorow!

i wanna wish my group 24 the best of luck as we are all putting in our hearts and souls , working very hard to make this Thriller come as planned.
Yessss Group 24 - We can do thisssss!!!! Mwah xxxxxx

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