Thursday, 10 March 2011

Filming Diary: Day 2

Second time we've got together
We were unable to to film on our Wednesday lesson on the 10/03/11 due to a member of our group not being in without notifying the rest of us we had a wasteful lesson.
Your probably wondering why we couldn't just film without them, right ?
Well it was because our opening was not only filmed in their house but they were also the only character in it as well :/

But on a better note, we begged our teacher and we were able to borrow the equipment for the next day as long as we bought it back for 4ocloack EXACTLY, so all took an item home and met up the next day at Angel Station and went to our location to continue filming.

Today, was a lot better than our first time shooting as we managed to get focused a lot more quicker and film what we could. It was also the first time we used the lights
i burnt my hands on them loads of time but at least we were able to have the correct lighting for all our shots :)

we finished shooting around 3:30 and had to rush back to college to make sure all the equipment was back on time. We managed to get there exactly on time so everything was all GOOD

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