Friday, 18 March 2011

Rough Cut Evaluation

Putting together our rough cut we were able to see what shots were good, what were bad and what needed changing.

The main thing was our ending. As you can see there isn't really an a proper ending to our thriller opening so one of our main improvements will be to film a proper ending. There was idea that we could also repeat the first scene as the ending to emphasize the importance of that location.

We also need to put sound in our thriller to add the suspense. This will instantly make the mood of the opening scary and make the audience be at the end of their seat wondering what will happen. The sound recorded from shooting such as cars driving by and the wind can be deleted using final cut pro.

A reasonable ident is also needed as using one like  'Warner Bros' will show our audience that our budget was alot when realistically it wasnt. CandiStudies will be our best production company to use.

A strength of our thriller opening so far is the use of edits. We already used a rewind technique, changed the colour of a scene and used a slow motion. This is good as it shows we were using final cut pro to our advantage. However, i feel the rewind shot should be less as the repetition of the scene is boring.

We need to make our opening up to 2 minutes long, so we better get shooting some more shots quickly. LETS GO...

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