Monday, 7 March 2011

Filming, Take One !

We were setting up the camera to film our second shot yet had difficulties as the tripod wasn't straight and the car which was parked right outside the house made it hard for us to be able to set the right shot of the door without it being too close. In the end we put the camera behind the car and extended the tripod to make it taller so it looked over the car, didn't get the car in the shot and captured the door perfectly

This is the Front door of where our thriller opening is set
The stairs located in the house create a airy and ghost like atmosphere as the floor doesn't have carpet to add a homely effect to the the house

The white board is used in a shot to state a message from our character or could even be used as part of the mise-en-scene for which will show the titles.
These images show us opening doors. This technique is used as the scene is shot using a hand held camera to show what the camera sees as he walks through his house. We needed to open the doors yet stay hidden so we wouldn't be seen in the shot as this would add to the unnatural theme of our thriller as it would seem like the doors are opening themselves.
Here are a few images of us getting the camera and tripod  ready to film.

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