Monday, 14 March 2011

Flashback Shooting Analysis

For the flashbacks which will be in our thriler opening, we went to a near by park to film. As we want our flashbacks to be happy family memorys which our main character had we thought a park which a play area would connoate a sense of happiness and family.

There were a few issues with filming here. For starters having expensive equipment our in public was risky as a few times we did see people over anaylising it as if they wanted to take it, but we made sure no damage was caused to the equipment.

Another issue was that their were alot of people in the park at that time since it was arounf 3:30pm and children had finished school and were playing in the park. This cause some parents to seem uneasy as seeings us filming may have given the impression that we were filming their children. This brings up the issue of have permission to have people in the back ground of our shots without their concent. Though, no one caused an issue so filming so easy.

The final problem was that one of the shots we wanted were the characters on swings. Since we were in a public park and didnt have authority over the play equipment, we had to wait until all the swings were free before filming.

Overall, we managed to film what we needed in a short space of time and were out of the cold in no time !

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