Saturday, 5 March 2011

After The Pitch

We presented our ideas for our thriller to our whole media group and teachers within the media department and received criticism and positive feedback

The teachers main issue was the idea of our thriller to be about a man who had an unnatural attachment to children. They said 'it made him seem like a peadofile' which wouldn't attract audiences to go to the cinema and watch it if we were creating a whole movie.

In the end we decided to change our idea: A man who tragically lost his family and spends his time kidnapping and killing people though this wont be adknowledged by the audience in the opening scene. This scene will mainly show his serperation from the world and the love he has for his family by the flashbacks we will use.

In the pitch we described our thriller to be sci-fi as we had ideas of having a shot of a rocking horse rocking by itself as it linked to the child . However, it was decided that our overall thrill was a PSYCHOLOGICAL one ,since it dealt with a character who was in a mental state instead of ghost and aliens.

The good stuff
We were praised for setting out thriller opening somewhere local to the college as it would make carrying equipment easier as well as allowing us to have more time to film and be able to bring the equipment back on time.

We hope to include many close-ups and extreme close ups to exaggerate obsessive and unnatural features of our main character

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