Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Stereotype - Expected for a man to kill.
Usually in a movie it a very typical of a male to loose his family rather than a women, either the male has killed his family or they have died in a tragic accident.
For example in the stepfather- a man who is a psychopathic serial killer as he murders his family, moves around America then gets with a similar family like his . It is very unlikely for a woman to take on a role like this maybe because women are seen are more vulnerable, offence less than men.

 Our Main character is similar to the main in the stepfather as they both look and live normal to the outside world but truly they have mental problems and will focus on actions as murderes towards families .
. In both the openings we are shown pictures of their families . The differences  is that in the stepfather we see his dead wife and kids and in Missed we see the familys flashbacks of the joy and happiness although he is grieving them.

Camera shots
Stepfather- lots of Close ups to give a clear view of how the character was being represented.

Establish shot,setting.

Missed - We didnt see many close ups because we wanted the characters identity to be clear.

Establish shot, setting-

Both of the houses look quite expensive giving the experession that the main characters are from a wealthy background not until we see through them.

Mise en scene - similar costumes,- Stepfather and Missed.

similar checked shirt and jeans. Casual mens wear .


The sound in both thrillers are suspensful. In the stepfather we hear the song silent night"sleep in heavenly peace", it refers to his dead family as he has killed them. In Missed there is a Variety of fast and low sounds, we also hear screams of his child playing in the flashback which is very effective as we made this slow so it sounds like an echo.


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