Friday, 11 March 2011

Filming Diary: Day 2

Our initially planned second day of filming, which was during our three hour lessons, couldn't go ahead because the main character of the film, a member of our group and the person who's house we were filming in wasn't in our lesson so the rest of the group each agreed to take one set of equipment home and then meet the next day, in which the college was closed to students, at the train station to then travel to the location of filming together and film for as long as possible. Luckily, this went to plan, and although we arrived later than we arranged to the day went very well.

Because of the poor lighting that we realised was in our original shots from the first day of filming, we decided to take out a light set and dimmer along with the video camera and still camera to re-record scenes with better lighting and then carry on from there. The light got very hot at times and a couple of us nearly burned ourselves because we didnt realise or remember that the light got very hot.
The shots we filmed on the second day of filming were a lot better than the ones we filmed on the first day because we were better prepared and knew what we wanted to film and how to do it. We planned to film the flashback scenes in the park on the same day, but we couldnt because we got carried away with our filming in the house so we have arranged to film, with a family member of someone in the group in our next lesson.

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