Monday, 21 March 2011

Rough Cut Evaluation

Our rough cut gave us a chance to see if our shots work well together and also give us the chance to see what was good and what could be improved.

I believe that the strengths of our rough cut video are the edits that we have made so far. The first edit we see is the shot which goes through the house, and the edit we use has a kind of rushed feel about it and this emphasises the mental state of the character. Our establishing shots of the road and the house work well as they introduce us to the setting of the scene. The first shot of the couple walking through the park works well after the shot of the man looking at the picture of his wife; it shows the audience how the character is feeling.

There a quite a few weaknesses in our rough cut, but this will help us as we will have more to improve on and we will learn what does and doesnt work for our final cut.
The first establishing shot of the house, could be a bit shorter as it doesn't take that long for the audience to establish the set. Also, in this rough cut, we have no titles or soundtrack. The titles should be added to the final cut, using live type. The sounds that were added didnt work because they were randomly put in and not played along with any other sound tracks, and this ruins it because it looks and sound unprofessional as there are sounds of wind and speaking in the background, but this will be fixed for the final cut, by creating a soundtrack using SoundTrack Pro. The length of our opening needs to be longer, but that was expected because our final scenes have not yet been filmed, and not all of the edits, titles and shots have been added, but they will be for our final cut.

All in all, our rough cut was done quite well, but it shows us that it could do with a lot more work to make it look good enough to upload it as our final cut!

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